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Do you want to change tyres in Sydney? Find your new and cheap tyres near me at Genie Powered! We are a reliable tyre selling company with tyre varieties of every cost. Pick the tyre you require from our value, various budgets, and premium vehicle tyres our company has in stock. Now, shop for quality tyres and get discounts up to 25% off retail costs.

Visit Your Local Tyre Center To Getting Tyres Online

If you want to fit new tyres into your vehicle, then right away visit our company and get high-quality and branded tyres of the choicest brands fitted to your vehicle, and remain protected on the highway, save yourself and your beloved lives.

If your car tyre faces fewer issues, come to our shop with the vehicle. Our technicians will see the state of your automobile and give you an idea that either your vehicle require tyre replacement or not. We have every solution to your problems at a low cost.

Why Keep Us Your Priority?

We offer great choices of the best quality, durable and high-performing of all models of tyres. We stock all tyres to meet all budgets and all cars and our massive range of tyres for sale in Sydney that offer stability and comfort to your vehicle.


All prices include installation or delivery + 25% OFF STORE WIDE

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We Offer A Guarantee On All Tyres

Are you looking for affordable and high-quality tyres? We have many varieties of tyres for cars, motorcycles and more at economical prices. Every tyre of your dream is present here. Let us know the size of the tyre you want.

We will try to make the correct size and style of the tyres according to the size of your vehicles. The good news is that we provide a 1-year guarantee for our tyres. If you want to get tyres at a discount, we are here to fulfill your requirements. Love our promise?

Top Customer Service

Our customer service staff can explain the advantages of each type of tyre that our teams sell at our tyre company. We aim to help our buyers to make the best possible choice based on their specific requirements. Due to the quality and reliable customer service we offer, our potential clients cannot go with wrong shopping. Your experience will remain the best by shopping from us.

Quality And 100% Assurance Tyres

We have got named because we stock quality and 100% assurance tyres. Our teams provide fast and free shipping. We also provide installation and replacement tyres services with care. Now, for every help, we are available.

All prices include installation or delivery + 25% OFF STORE WIDE

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Our Price Guarantee

Our staff won’t be beaten on cost. If you get a tyre you love, and you can prove you’ve got it affordable elsewhere, our technicians will match or beat that cost. It’s as simple as that.

Cheap 4x4 Tyres We Sell

We get a lot of 4x4s through our doors, and each one has a distinct request for its tyres. Others want road performance, some want off-road performance, some want both, and some just want to modify the appearance of their car. We can offer 4x4s with inexpensive all-terrain, mud-terrain, and road tyres. Get the performance and appearance you desire at a fantastic price.

Buy cheap tyres in Sydney by visiting our company. You will be found us the best tyre making, installing and delivery services. We care about our customers and deliver the tyre which they deserve.

Please Communicate With Us

Do you still have any questions about our tyres, services and prices; do not hesitate to call us at 0414 534 481 and our email is: mail@geniepowered.com.au

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