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If you are looking for Goodride tyres in Sydney, we provide all types of Goodride tyres at affordable prices here at Genie Powered.
Our teams of experts ensure the best quality of our tyres.

Who Are We?

We are Australian based company of automobiles. Since 1988, we are manufacturing and designing parts of cars. Our company is present in Sydney, and we use the best personnel in Goodride tyres manufacturing.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our automobile company produces Goodride tyres at reasonable prices, and our technicians ensure the quality of work, so check Goodride Tyres Review from our site.

Free And Fast Shipping

It would be great to choose us because our company provides you with free and fast shipping service of tyres. We sent your order to your spot at your request on the very next day.

100% Work Guarantee

It would help if you chose us for getting Goodride tyres because we provide you high-quality tyres with 100% satisfaction level. We provide a full one year warranty and sale at wholesale prices. Customer’s satisfaction is our priority, and we keep it at first.

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All prices include installation or delivery + 25% OFF STORE WIDE

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Expert Technicians

We are expert technicians and provide you with any Goodride tyre you are looking for. Your budget and the size of your car do not matter because our experts can help you in any way.

Goodride Tyres Fitting

We provide state of the art fitting to our clients. We offer free fitting, exchanging and disposing of the previous tyres to the clients when they buy new tyres from us.

Goodride Tyres Types

We sell various types of tyres to our customers such as:

  • Passenger Tyres
  • Commercial Tyres
  • Suv Tyres
  • UHP Performance Tyres
  • Semi Slicks Tyres
  • Old School Tyres
  • Off Roaf Tbr
  • Mud Terrain Tyres
  • All-Terrain Tyres
  • High Load All-Terrain Tyres
  • Rugged Terrain Tyres
  • Truck And Bus Radial

These all tyres are available at competitive prices. Customers can buy any tyre from us economically according to their car models. Our upcoming tyres are:

  • Classic Wheels
  • Steel Wheels
  • Run Flat Tyres

We have tyres of various brands that customers can get according to their needs. We offer these tyre brands: Goodride, Golden Crown, Marsway, Kenda, Ilnik, and Nankang. The most economical brand is Goodride tyres. We offer low-cost Goodride tyres to our customers.

We Are Trustworthy

Our company is entirely legal and operational in Sydney. All our tyres are brand new and come with a warranty of a lifetime. If you found any fault in tyres, you can quickly get back your money directly from the banks. We also pay our tax regularly to the state. So, we are completely reliable and trustworthy.

How We Made Your Products?

All around the world we have a large number of factories. From Sydney, we work remotely and operate those factories. We use the best quality of metals in manufacturing in our all factories and manufacturing plants.
From those factories and plants, we are doing work with various brands in the industry of automobile. We work with talented engineers, expert technicians and fresh graduates of the same industry. Our mission is continuous improvement and sustainable development.


All prices include installation or delivery + 25% OFF STORE WIDE

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Customization Tyre We Have

In our company, we provide the service of optimization on Goodride tyres in Sydney:

  • rim width
  • rim diameter
  • colour for compatibility
  • Finishing texture such as high matt, gloss, and graphite etc.
  • brake caliper/backspace/offset/x-factor
  • logo of the brand

But always remember that everything you customized is your responsibility. We advise you best options for fitting, but we are not responsible for other fittings beyond that.
If you are looking for 4×4 tyres in Sydney, our company is here for you. We provide high-quality 4×4 tyres to our customers.

Get In Touch With Us

For more information related to any tyre, feel free to contact us.

P: 0414 534 481


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