4×4 tyres Sydney

Enjoy Paved Highways And Rugged Trails With 4x4 Tyres In Sydney

Are you driving a vehicle and looking for a 4×4 tyres in Sydney? Now you don’t need to worry. Here at Genie Powered we have the perfect 4×4 tyres for you. We have the best service of shipping. You can order online at any time and we will deliver you the best low priced 4×4 tyres at your suggested destination. We have a huge number of these tyres that provide you durability, grip and solid performance on the road.

Our 4x4 Tyres Specifications

Our tyres are made of high quality materials and with profound treads to supply you the best grip on-road and off-road. Wherever you want to drive, our 4×4 tyres provide you traction and stability on all roads. With our tyres you can drive on sand, rocks, dirt and on all types of terrain without any damage to you and your vehicle.

Tread Of Tyre

An aggressive pattern of our 4×4 tyres work the best on loose and irregular terrains such as sand, rocks, gravel, and sand. Our 4×4 tyres have increased traction, resistance against puncture and durability with ensure you safe travel.

Tyre Compounds

Our suppliers use high quality materials for manufacturing the 4×4 tyres. Our tyres have lower rebounding properties which results in larger and longer contact with the surface of road. Less friction of our tyres provide you more grip on road.


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Carcass Of Our Tyres

Inner most layers of our 4×4 tyres are more rigid and horseshoe shaped which resulted in more strength. We increase the capacity of carcass to absorb shocks and weight. The rigid inner foundation of our tyres increases stability and life of them.

Process Of Order

Want to make your own 4×4 tyres? We always provide and prefer best communication means. So, our process or ordering involves direct communication with the customers. We have designed the following ordering process:
First of all check our directory or catalogue and selects your desired tyre according to your vehicle.
Then make sure that all the default dimensions and measurements are suitable.
After that, click on check out. Our team will communicate with you via phone or email.
If for any reason, we failed to contact you back, send us your vehicle’s model, identification number, year of build, and the customization measurements you required.
We advise our customers which measurements are suitable for their vehicles. If your desired measurements are not compatible with vehicle we inform you.
After setting all the customization measurements we sent draft images to you showing all the details and data.
Then you have to certify is it fine or not? If not, we make further changes according to your desire.
But if all the draft is according to your requirement, you have to confirm us at this stage and pay the amount required for it.

All prices include free local pickup

CALL NOW AT 0414 534 481 OR Get A Quote

After getting the confirmation from you, we the move towards production of 4×4 tyres!
Once your order is completed, we deliver it to you and inform you about shipping details and tracking number.
The order takes only one day in shipment.
The process of order takes place 30 minutes as all your data need to be inspected by our technicians.
As we deal with a large number of orders, we apologize for a little delay in ordering process and response.
We assist our clients by providing them special filter option while ordering online. We ask them to choose desired 4×4 tyres in Sydney by accurately telling us the aspect ratio, tire width and rim diameter. After that, clients can select any tyre of their desired brand.
Wanted to buy Goodride tyres in Sydney? We have high quality tyres of this brand.

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